From the moment you press submit on my contact form

A little spark ignites in my mind

and the idea's start flowing

Fabric texture captioning the light

Wild hair blowing in the wind

Deep green forests or Golden sunkist fields

No matter what your budget is


the kind of story you want to capture

What matters most is

So lets begin....

You know those epic natural shots you see that makes you want to see yourself in those kinds of images?

Yeah, I wanna see you in those images too. Thats what we are journeying towards!

As we work together, I will create a laid back and fun vessel for you to settle into so the natural and uniquely beautiful connection that already exists.

70's folk elopement-3.jpg

it's all about 






Things that influence style in a shoot

Your favourite Era

Movies that inspire you

Favourite Band

A piece of clothing you can't live without

This may seem superficial but I promise you the way I mean "STYLE" is more then a surface level aesthetic purpose.

Style can mean so many things and if you are here it means my


was something that spoke to you.


is apart of the vision I create everytime I head to a shoot or elopement.

From the beginning, I seek to find what style speaks to you as a couple, or individual or family and infuse the process from beginning to end with the vibes of your unique style while gently guiding you towards what I know will translate well in camera.

There is always a story to tell

We all imagine ourselves placed somewhere within our favourite tales

What if you could see yourself in your own epic story?

We will work together to construct a story of your own

How exciting is that!

I am a born wanderer



I am always looking for amazing new locations that inspire and ignite my soul

 Landscapes play a huge roll in how I tell your story

What spots do you find yourself seeking when you are looking for a moment of self reflection?

Picking a location for your session is a huge part of the journey and a true collaborative proccess

Take a breathe and surrender


The single most important part of this journey is to surrender to the magic of the moment

Vancouver Island + Sunshine Coast + Gulf Islands + Tofino



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Nikki Hollett


Wedding + Elopement photographer


Vancouver Island

British Columbia