All my clients will have access to my client closet (mostly for the women) but I also help create a pinterest board which will be a place to find lots of inspiration for outfits for your session. A well planned wardrobe can make a huge difference ! 

I  don't give our raw or unedited photos to clients. This is the standard in the industry. Trust me,  the images you receive are ones I picked with much thought and care.



My mission is to make my clients see the beauty in them that I see.  As a rule, I don't edit anything that is permanent part of the body (I will edit away blemished) But customer happiness is important to me so I will quote on outsourcing more extensive retouching if it's important to my clients 

I Have been a professional photographer for 3 years. But I picked up my first camera more then a decade ago! I spent a decade as a silversmit and often found great enjoyment in photographing  the jewellery I made in those years.

Here is where the trust and connection comes in!

During this first bit of the session, we spend time chatting, being silly and focusing on natural movement. As you get more comfortable and relaxed, we move into more posed images where I make suggestions and prompts that encourage a deeper connection with eachother. from there thats where the magic happens. If I have done my job well, I get to step back and witness the love flow!


How would you describe your photography style? 


I would say my style is always in a state of growth but is deeply inspired by 


emotional connection

nostalgic vibes

ethereal or dreamlike tones

creative composition + posing

Things that influence style in a shoot

Your favourite Era

Movies that inspire you

Favourite Band

A piece of clothing you can't live without

For my elopement packages, I deliver minimum 50 edited images per hour or coverage. The final gallery is delivered through an online gallery platform where you can download/share/print right from! This gallery can be shared with friends and family and will be available for a year from delivery.

Wind, rain, wild west coast weather is something I find greatly inspiring and I am always stoked when clients are into getting wet!

It it is torrential sideways rain or dangerous winds I will postpone but I do my best to embrace the elements!

Of course for family/motherhood sessions, I find it's much more enjoyable if the weather is dry but a bit of light rain on a warm day can be rather lovely!

In the times of Covid, I have chosen to only take on elopements and tiny micro weddings from now one.

This means no weddings with over 25 guests.

I do love a big party but elopements and intimate weddings are what deeply inspires me and the year 2020 has taught me it's important to follow one's heart!

I would be happy to recommend some amazing Vancouver Island wedding photographers for you!

Where would you like to go?


Vancouver Island + Sunshine Coast + Gulf Islands + Tofino



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Nikki Hollett


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Vancouver Island

British Columbia