How It Works

Planning an Elopement or Tiny Wedding 

where to Begin?

The Journey Starts with You....But with a little help from me!


I am more then a Photographer

I am here to be your


Third wheel



Location Scouter



Whatever you need!

Steps to planning your dream elopement

It all starts with a phonecall

Let's connect on the phone or in person! Its the best + most efficient way for me to get to know your story + your dreams for your wedding day

Pick a Date + Location if one isn't picked yet

I supply a location list for you to choose from if you dont have one already

We create a day of timeline that allows for the best light + experience for the day

I create a detailed vendor list based off your desires

Then we become Bff's while I third wheel on your dream wedding day!

Are you ready to start planning?

Tips For Planning

This is just the beginning of a spectacular journey

Elopements + Tiny Weddings are just as important as big wedding days. They take care + thought to bring to life!

Here are some tips when creating an elopement day that is filled with your heart + Soul!

Pick A location that holds meaning

There are so many beautiful places in the world. But picking a location that holds sentimental value for you as a couple will add a depth of meaning to your wedding day that is so incredible! 

invest in the important things

Wether its the flowers or the dress (or the photographer, obv!) invest in the things that matter! You are conserving funds when picking an intimate wedding day experience which allows you to go all out in the area that matters. Why not rent that fancy Air BnB or have that epic floral instillation! Its your day after all.

include personal touches in your ceremony

creating a custom + unique ceremony when eloping is such a powerful part of the day. This can happen at different moments and will extend all those feels your are having together. Maybe that is a letter giving ceremony, or giving of gifts, or planting a tree together.

Vancouver Island + Sunshine Coast + Gulf Islands + Tofino



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Nikki Hollett


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