Once upon a time a highschool drop out was on the verge of being an art school drop out and she walked into a cafe to have a psychic reading done....

Well this story is around a decade old so I don't remember the entire future this women predicted for me but one part of my predicted future did burn a hole in my memory and has stayed with me until this day

She said I was destined to be a teacher...

At this point I wrote her off as a fraud because...

Well go back and read the first line!

Fast forward a decade and here I am embracing  a truth I know the whole time.

This lady was not a fraud and neither am I!

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This is an opportunity to spend an entire day in collaboration and connection while learning and making community around a shared love to photography!

I help co-create a styled shoot where we discuss

How to create a story or theme

How to plan wardrobe/location to fit the story

You watch me shoot our models and you will get the chance to direct and pose all on your own!

We then move to post production and over a drink and dinner we dive deep in to the magic of editing!

A 2 hour mini mentor session where you come with your questions and I come with my love for over sharing!

We get deep on anything you want to know about





Client Relations

Social Media




One thing that I love about the photography world is how truly connected it is!

So many of my photography teachers are not close to me, geographically speaking.

But that hasn't stopped me and it shouldn't stop you!

Here I offer you the chance to connect face to face via the amazingly modern gifts of our time


Here we set aside two 1 hour blocks do dive deep into the realms of photography that have you blocked.

First will be a Q + A type chat, you bring to the table all the questions you want answered and I will do my darn best to share all I can! 

Second will be a Portfolio/Website Review

I will review both before our second meeting and give you all the constructive feedback AND praise you need and deserve!

Online education for the creative photographer


Intro To Lightroom

How to use presets in a unique way

unlocking the potential of lightroom

Creative Post Production Teqniques

Vancouver Island + Sunshine Coast + Gulf Islands + Tofino



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Nikki Hollett


Wedding + Elopement photographer


Vancouver Island

British Columbia