wild haired + barefoot


I am Nikki, you probably figured that one out if you made it this far!

First off, I want to give you a big virtual hug (oh yes, I am a hugger, we should get that out in the open right away!)

Choosing the less conventional path to becoming wed is a BIG deal.

I grew up as an outsider,

always struggling with finding my PLACE.

Nature was always my safe haven. I grew up with a mountain as my back yard and found peace in the wild.

In the school years, I did not thrive in the box they tried to put us in. I rebelled but deep down knowing one day I would find my path.

So I have made my own way, 

inspired by the bravery of those who have come before me.

In my early 20's I met my soulmate and he saw the artist inside of me that was longing to be set free. He was the catalyst that created this amazing journey I get to be on.

In the past 10 years, I have had many creative reincarnations that has let me to this place on my journey.

My husband would tell you, I am determined to a fault.

Once I set the wheels in motion on something I move forward with a force of a hurricane behind me.

I will climb mountains for you

I will dream with you like your wedding day is that of my own

I will laugh + cry + feel it all with you.

The early chapters of my story


My Loves 

have been blessed to have celebrated 10 years of marriage with my soul mate and BFF.

He is my number one side kick and works along side me often so you may get to meet him!

His day job, when not making electronic music, practicing jiu jitsu, being a kick ass dad + supporter of my dreams, is hanging from trees with a chainsaw. Pretty bad ass, I know!

Together we have the most beautiful daughters

Opal Skye *the introspective book worm


Cassia Pearl *the fearless wildchild 


our fur baby August Bowie * One blue eyed curly redhead of a dog

Our little family lives in the seaside town of Chemainus, on Vancouver Island

As a family we enjoy beach walks, rock climbing, a good sing along, and late morning cuddles in bed. 

Leafy branch-3.png

These epic shots are from our friends the Mclachlan's + Sherida Rae photography

let's explore together


some of my favourite things....

Being a mom + homeschooling my girls

Fleetwood Mac


Long forest walks with my girls + fur baby


A sappy love story

A good craft beer