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Nikki Hollett

Tiny Weddings with Big Heart

Creatively Capturing memories from the Heart              Elopements + Weddings + Adventurous Love Stories

Your wedding day is so much more than a passing trend

It is filled with

heart + soul + magic 

Your love story deserves a wedding day where you get to 

laugh + cry + touch 

as much as you can possibly fit into one day.

A day where your needs + desires don't just come first, but are the centre. The whole.

An adventure all your own

Only you two get to choose how you want to spend your wedding day.

Now, isn't that a wild thought!

So many couples put the needs of others above their own when planning a traditional wedding

But I am here to tell you that doesn't have to be the only way!

YOU get to choose what is most important to you on this day

If a traditional wedding isn't your jam, 

then I say


Throw predictablity out the window

and plan your dream



Tiny Wedding

Your love story is WORTH the adventure!


Imagine a day where your partner is the one you get to adventure with from

Sunrise to Sunset

Your dream Elopement Day Experience starts now!

I just need you + some sunsets


On your wedding day, all that matters is that your love story is

felt + seen

Let's create a space where thats all that matters

Your day, your way

Love the idea of eloping but just can't bare the thought of not having your mama/papa there

Or your amazing

soul friends

who just get you, like to your core, gets you. 

Tiny weddings are not only amazing fun to plan, but they have something that big wedding's don't have.


It's your wedding day, and you can dream up exactly how you want to spend it!

Tiny Weddings

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